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Product name:lndustrial bromine
Molecular formula: Br2
Executive standard: QB/2021-94
Property: reddish brown fuming liquid, strongly corrosive
Uses: main chemical raw material for chemical, petroleum, pharmaceutical...
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Dongying Dongyue Salt Co., Ltd. is located in Hekou District of Dongying City, at yellow river delta. It is a sino-foreign joint venture invested by Dongyue Group Co., Ltd., Dongying Dongyue Salt Industry Co., Ltd., Dongying Hairun Investment Center. Its register capital is RMB 12.6667 million Yuan. There are 75 employees. Our company is mainly engaged in development and production of bromine and down-stream product. Nowadays there are 3 sets of bromine design equipments with annual design capacity of 800 tons and 1 set of bromine production equipment with annual production capacity of 300 tons. They are located in Xianhe Town and Xinhu Town of Dongying City. Its bromine plants are put into operation in April, 2006 and November, 2006. And we have realized safe, stable and continuous operation. All products have reached premium grade. And they have been exported to Jiangsu and Zhejiang. Currently our annual production capacity of bromine reaches over 3,000 tons.

In recent years, development of Yellow River Delta and construction of Shandong Peninsula Blue Economic Zone have been listed in national strategy. On the basis of this development opportunity, our company extends bromine industrial chain through holding, joint stock and acquisition. Meanwhile we promote our research and production capacity of bromine products applied in medicine, pesticide and photosensitive material aspects. We make efforts to complete 3 projects or more within 5 years. At that time, our sales volume will reach 500 million Yuan or above and net margin will reach 100 million Yuan. 

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